Mountain Things is, first and foremost, a growing resource for fellow explorers who draw inspiration from the outdoors and a DIY lifestyle. We want to feature makers and wanderers who can tell a story through the written word, photography, video, or a combination of it all. If you have a story you would like to tell, follow the submission guidelines below and send your stories to

Submission Guidelines

To be considered, all submissions should fit between 250 and 1,200 words. We understand if this isn’t possible; try your best to keep your submissions within this range. We will make exceptions to any rule if the content is awesome.

Images must be at least 1,500 pixels wide and under 1MB at 72 DPI or higher. Beautiful photography is what we rely on to aid our stories, so any submission lacking photography will not be considered (again, there are exceptions).

We break our content into two main categories: Make and Wander. Within those categories, we are generally pretty flexible; however, we have laid out a few subcategories from which you can draw inspiration and ensure your submission is on track to be featured, including links to our own categorized posts.




A category for the inventive and creative. You believe that a meaningful life can be lived without an overabundance of products. Usefulness, budget, and impact on the environment are all factors you consider when purchasing a product or DIYing your own.

Home & Garden - From apartments to farms, it’s all little ways to improve your home. Essential Hand Tools for Beginner Woodworkers
Health & Beauty - DIY your way to a healthier routine. The Easiest DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe
Maker Profiles - Interviews with craftsmen. No posts yet; be the first!
Weekend Project - Sometimes, all it takes is 48 hours or less. A Short-Term Declutter & Purge



A category for those always seeking the next big adventure, whether it’s 10,000 ft above sea level or beneath the surface of the ocean. We believe that the best adventures are found in both places unknown and places close to home. Any story that violates the Leave No Trace code of outdoor ethics will not be considered.

Trail Diaries - Cataloged adventures of your favorite trails. Hiking Mt. Marcy | The Adirondacks
Equipment & Tips - Advice for how to be your best adventurer. Best Things to Do in Denali National Park
Wanderer Profiles - Interviews with trailblazers. No posts yet; be the first!

Ready to Contribute?

Send all submissions to or use the form below to reach out. If your submission includes images that are too large to attach to an email, send us a Dropbox or Google Drive link. Happy creating!

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