Cold Weather Cocktails to Get You Through Winter

Image by    Paige Russell

Image by Paige Russell

Boozy Creations for the Hibernation-Bound

My favorite winter sport is pouring a hot toddy and snuggling up to a Planet Earth binge. I am simply not a cold-weather person, and most winter days I find myself under eight inches of blankets planning my warm-weather adventures on my iPad. I realize that this disdain for all things cold is not particularly conducive to an outdoor adventure lifestyle, but hey, I’m working on it. I have a tab open right now for the Best Snowshoes of 2018, so you can’t say I’m not at least trying to get outside during the winter months.

However, until that snowshoe package arrives, I’ll be sampling a few hot and boozy beverages to get me through the next few months. When I first learned about the wonders of a hot toddy two years ago (I know; I’m a late bloomer), my life was changed for the better. Cocktails that can warm me physically and mentally? Sign. Me. Up.

And hey, if you want to put an outdoorsy spin on this roundup of Cold Weather Cocktails, I imagine that most of these would be easy to make around the campfire. Below are my favorite hot alcoholic bevs to get you through the winter.

Hot Toddy with Rosemary + Lemon

Image by    Paige Russell

Image by Paige Russell

Forget the cough syrup - my tried and true method for curing the sniffles lies in a bottle of bourbon. This simple recipe is pretty much the standard for hot toddies, so you’re welcome to experiment with tons of different flavors.

Spiked Mulled Cider

Image by    Diana Yen

Image by Diana Yen

What could be cozier than a big warm mug of mulled cider? The answer is: a big warm mug of spiked cider. Enjoy a boozy spin on a yummy classic.

Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

My dad is a simple man - he likes good meat and an abundance of booze, as evidenced by our holiday gatherings where the menu is mulled wine and his famous “roast beast.” Mulled wine is a crowd pleaser and can be made in huge batches ahead of time.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Image by    Lisa Bryan

Image by Lisa Bryan

I’m a little late on the boozy hot chocolate train, but I’m happy I’m here. Combine the warm hug of a hot chocolate with a hypnotizing red wine, and you’ve got hibernation juice.

Hot Rum Coffee

Image by    Daniel Gritzer

Do you guys remember Four Loko? If you said “yes,” you’re a liar because Four Loko doesn’t permit remembering anything. Anyway, here’s an adult version: all the caffeine you need to wake up from a turkey hangover and some rum to hold off the jitters.

Did I miss any of your cold-weather, warm beverage favorites? Leave links to your recipes in the comments! If this winter is anything like last year’s, I’ll have plenty of time to try them all.