The Perfect Playlist for an Autumn Roadtrip

I may be biased, but fall is the without question the most beautiful time of year for the Northeastern US. The temperature seldom drops below the need for a worn hoodie and a thermos of your favorite hot beverage (mulled cider all the way, baby). Any sunshine that happens to peek through the autumn chill sets the embers of a golden treeline ablaze in a brilliant dance of color. And if the breakdown of chlorophyll isn’t enough to entertain your senses, close your eyes and breathe deep the sweet spice of decaying foliage, best experienced in a pile of freshly raked leaves.

Now that I’ve induced some chilly-weather wanderlust in you, gather your favorite traveling blanket/buddy combo: Autumn is a damn near perfect time of year for a road trip in the Northeast.

Whether mapping out a day trip to your local harvest festival or prepping for a leaf peeping getaway, take advantage of that aux cord to pass time between cider stops.

Enjoy this autumn-inspired Spotify playlist featuring artists like Jinja Safari, Sylvan Esso, Maps & Atlases, and more.