2018 Outdoors Gift Guide Under $50


Finding a gift for the outdoorsy type can be tricky; either they already have all the gear they need, or the gear that they don’t have can put a serious dent in your wallet. Luckily for you, this Outdoors Gift Guide lists out fun, unique finds under $50 that your hippie friend typically wouldn’t buy themselves. Happy shopping!

Unique Outdoors Holiday Gift Guide for Under $50

A Dope Bandana - $20
Sure, you can stop by your closest Dollar General and pick up a cheap $1 bandana; or you can up your gift-giving game with this gorgeous hand-printed bandana from maryink on Etsy. Grab this travel pack for $33 or a single bandana for $20.

Gray Bandana Travel Gift  from Etsy

Eco-Friendly Firestarters - $12

There are few things worse than filling up the air with nasty fumes from toxic, store-bought fire starters. Get the campfire without the pollution with these adorable handmade fire starters from LessCandles on Etsy (or hey, DIY your own)!

Eco Fire Starters Set from Etsy

Snap Happy - $35
Let your buddies document adventures without needing to lug around a DSLR. Take the outdoor iPhone-ography to the next level with a clip-on lens attachment. For only $35, you get a macro lens, wide angle lens, and LED light - perfect for photographing anything from critters to landscapes.
Xenvo Lens Kit from Amazon

Bugs-be-gone! - $10
Keep your buddy bug bite free sans harmful chemicals. Just a few spritzes of this $10, all-natural bug repellant from EarthenRootsSkinCare should do the trick. While you’re there, check out their Dry Skin Oil Blend for $12; I know I could use some in the winter months.
Natural Bug Repellant from Etsy

Coffee for Camping - $12.50
Everyone appreciates a coffee gift, but it can be tricky to nail down someone’s tastes. Get the best of both worlds with a campfire-friendly, medium blend coffee from genericcoffeebrand on Etsy. $12.50 gets you a sweet tin that can fit easily into an overnight sack.
Gourmet Coffee Made for Camping from Etsy

#StopSucking with Reusable Straws - $14
Any outdoorsman/woman worth their salt is a champion for outdoor stewardship and cringes at the thought of single-use plastic. So, as unsexy as reusable straws might sound, your outdoorsy friend will swoon over these $14 washable alternatives to yucky plastic straws. Plus, the organic bamboo is much easier on the mouth than stainless steel.
Organic Bamboo Drinking Straws from Amazon

Climber’s Skin Repair Kit - $35
As an acrophobe and upper-body weakling, I’m just not meant to climb. But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel for those who do - especially when it comes to injuries. Grab this Climber’s Skin Repair Kit for $35 from GaugeGearAfterCare on Etsy to let your spidermonkey friend know how much you care.
Climber’s Skin Repair Kit from Etsy

Rain Ain’t No Thang - $13 for 3
There’s no such thing as bad weather - just poor preparation. Let your adventure buddy keep trucking with those field notes despite the rain with a waterproof notebook; perfect for those who won’t stop writin’ even when the weather’s fightin’.
Rite in the Rain from Amazon

Happy Camper Mug - $22
What good is an Outdoors Gift Guide without an adorable enamel mug? I’m loving this vintage design from aweedmark on Etsy. Remind your buddy of the good times you guys spend outdoors every time they sip their morning Joe.
Camp Mug from Etsy

The Sweetest Dainty Jewelry - $29
Maybe your outdoorsy friend has everything he or she needs in terms of gear, skin products, etc. If you can’t give them something they need, give them something that glimmers. I’ve died a thousand times while creeping through OliveBella’s Etsy shop, and I’m especially pining after her collection of National Parks necklaces. Grab a ready-made gift, or opt for something completely custom.
Yellowstone National Park Necklace from Etsy.

Hammock Reading Material - $20
I’m a sucker for beautiful illustration paired with thoughtful, yet easy-to-understand text. Sy Montgomery’s How to Be a Good Creature promises all of the above in this memoir that “reflects on the personalities and quirks of thirteen animals—Sy’s friends—and the truths revealed by their grace.” Buy this book for yourself and pass it along to a friend (because honestly, is there a better gift than a used book that a friend thinks you’ll enjoy?)
How to Be a Good Creature from Amazon

Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself - $22
I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always found trekking poles to be a bit silly. However, the right sticks will provide support through longer treks, especially on a grueling downhill slope.
Anti-Shock Hiking Trail Poles from Amazon

Friends Who Hike Together…Curse Together? - $7.50
I cannot be more excited to launch our first Mountain Things stickers available for purchase. Since we got such great feedback from our Instagram Giveaway, I decided to throw these into a small batch production for sale.

Even the outdoors aren’t safe from you and your favorite potty-mouthed adventure buddy. This set comes with two stickers: one for you, and one for your best hiking bitch. We won’t tell if you keep both for yourself.

“Hike yer tits off” - for the friend who thinks it’s funny to run up the mountain.
“Bitch, go hike” - for the friend who thinks the cure for all ailments is hiking. Best B*tches Hiking Stickers - Pack of Two from Mountain Things

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