2016 Outdoor Gift Guide | 15 Gifts Under $50

Looking for that unique gift to give to your favorite mountaineer? If you still need to grab a gift for a lover of the outdoors, we guarantee they will love everything here. 

All-in-One Soap: $19.99 from Dr. Bronners
Hitting the trail with a good soap in your pack is an absolute must if you want to keep the stank down and the well-being up. We recommend Dr. Bronners Castile Soap. This 18-in-1 hemp soap can literally be used for everything, from washing your hair, body, or face and shaving, to cleaning your camping cookware or washing your laundry in the stream. This soap even comes in small 2 oz bottles to fit in your pack. 

Hiking Socks: $15 - $30 from Smart Wool
Having a high quality pair of hiking socks are just as important as having good hiking boots. Socks provide cushion, moisture wicking, and warmth when needed. Our favorite brand of hiking socks is Smart Woolbut I recommend checking out REI’s blog on how to choose which sock to get for your next adventure.

The Perfect Water Bottle: 24 oz; $29.95 from Hydroflask
A nice water bottle is a must-have for any true outdoors enthusiast. The insulated, stainless steel Hydroflask water bottle is an all-around favorite, as it keeps your drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 6 hours.


Head lamp: $38.99 from Black Diamond
A quality headlamp is a modern convenience for any camping trip; just ask anyone who has tried to pee in the woods after dark. You want to make sure to get a reliable and comfortable headlamp that is also waterproof and durable. 

First Aid Kit: $24.50 from Sharp Survival
The need for an organized, lightweight first aid kit is just below an ample water supply when hiking wilderness. Make sure your other half is prepared for anything on their next big trip! 

All-in-one Bandana: $15.00 from Natural Life
Nothing beats a product with multiple uses and stylish color/pattern choices. Save room in the hiking pack this with wind-stopping, sweat-soaking, boob-holding Mountain Things favorite.


Portable Charger: $16.99 from Tohlo
If you or your S/O takes pictures, uses GPS service, and listens to music all on the same device, it’s useful to have a waterproof solar usb charger for long hikes that extend beyond your battery life. Your partner won’t have to worry about losing their digital maps, GPS app, or mini camera again! 

Hammock: $41.93 from Burton
Seriously, your sweetie doesn’t have a hammock in their pack yet? We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume he/she just needs an upgrade. We’re ENO lovers, but Burton makes a comparable hammock under $50.

Sleeping pad: $35.99 (Medium Sized) from OutdoorsmanLab
Nothing kills a hiking trip like the residual pain from a bad night of sleep. A lightweight sleeping pad will keep your hiker sleeping soundly. 


Rain jacket: $38.83 from Charles River
Survival tip #1 - stay dry. Even without the risk of getting lost outdoors, staying dry is vital to morale and comfort. Start with a water-repellant rain shell, then work your way into some hiking gaiters. 

Flannel: $44.50 from Duluth
Outdoors enthusiasts typically have a solid stash of flannels in varying thicknesses, patterns, and styles, but you simply cannot go wrong with Duluth. Duluth prides itself in creating worker-friendly pieces that stand the test of time. Find it on Duluth.

Portable speaker - $29.99 from Venstar
Pump the jams around the campfire with a speaker designed to fit in (or on) hiking packs. 


Flask - $14.95 from Stanley
Although a good shot of whiskey won’t technically increase your body temperature, it’ll give you a nice warm feeling to keep your mountaineer smiling by the fire. Bonus: this model is made from recycled/recyclable plastic. 

40 Pairs of Handwarmers - $23.83 from Grabber
A pack of handwarmers is a must when you are a mountaineer. Not only will hand warmers help keep you outside longer during the chilly months, but they are also a lightweight way to keep you warm in emergency situations on hikes. Don’t just get one; they are less expensive in the long run if you buy a whole pack! 

Hiking Towels: $10.00-$25.00 from Fox Outfitters
Ditch the heavy terry cloth. A backpacker-friendly towel is a must, and you won’t be spending hours (or nights..or days) trying to dry it out.

When you can't DIY, buying a durable, long-lasting product for a gift will ensure your hiker is safe, comfortable, and happy. Let us know what you think of our selection or have any suggestions to add!

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