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Back in the summer of 2012, I shipped up to the Great North of Alaska for a two-month adventure that still resonates deep within my bones. When I wasn't working the front desk at the beautiful Grande Denali Lodge, I was gallivanting about Denali National Park and Preserve, where I started getting serious about photography. As an avid outdoorswoman, I spent hours trekking through terrain that looked more like a painting than reality. Moved by the aching beauty of untouched wilderness, it became a dream to tell earth's story in a way that could somehow keep our planet a magnificent playground for all to enjoy. 


Katie is a writer, a musician, an artist, and a cultural guru. Her favorite place in the world is any place surrounded by trees.  She believes that there is no better way to find yourself and where you fit in this planet, than having an adventure. When she is not writing her stories down, you will find her riding her horses around the forest or eating the delicious cuisine of the Finger Lakes. So, have an adventure in mind? Katie’s down.



Tyler is a nimble man who likes working with his hands. When he and Chelsea first started dating, he shipped up to Alaska (where Chelsea would later join him) just because he didn't know how else to start off the rest of his life after college. He's been inspired by wildlife since childhood, when the woods and Jack London books were his quiet companions. He's a woodworker, wildlife lover, and general giver. When help is required, all he asks is "when."